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Group Mat Classes are an ideal environment to exercise with like-minded people all wanting to experience the benefits of regular Pilates. With a maximum of 4 students in a class you will receive lots of individual support.

Classes are 55 minutes long and are held in the Pilates Recipe Studio in Bryndwr.

Classes are taught during school term blocks as a progressive experience. 

All new clients are required to undertake a private Introductory Session before joining a group class. Introductory Sessions include discovering your health and fitness history, taking you through a movement and posture assessment, and establishing your own movement goals. I will then begin to teach you the principles of Pilates. Introductory sessions are $85.00 each.

10 Class pass $250 (for a 10 week term)


The Fundamentals Mat Class is designed to help you become your most physically efficient self. A well aligned body is one that moves with ease, fewer aches and pains and with greater zest and movement potential. In the Pilates Recipe Studio, we will encourage you to connect with your movements in a mindful way so that you can experience the true connection between mind and body. You can expect to get stronger, increase your mobility and improve your balance. We will use a range of small props including foam rollers, balls and bands to both facilitate and challenge you. This class is suitable for new clients and those in Rehab following a minimum of one Private Introductory session.

TUESDAY 9:15am

WEDNESDAY's at 9.15am

THURSDAY's at 11:15am

Book your Introductory Session Online or get in touch to enquire about space in classes here.