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Pilates Intelligence 

Pilates is much like the ultimate condiment to complement everyone, no matter how you choose to challenge your body. Whether you are an elite athlete, stay at home mum, have a physical job, a desk job, are recovering from injury, or just want to keep your body moving, Pilates provides you with the intelligence to use your body as efficiently as possible. From there, comes ease and enjoyment of movement.

The trick is FORM. If you are going to do something, there is absolutely no point doing it poorly. Everyone who comes to the Pilates Recipe Studio starts with an Introductory Private Session. After all, YOU are the most important ingredient in the Pilates Recipe and come with your own anatomical beauty, learning style and ambitions. With private tuition, super small classes and the support of a highly trained instructor, you can be sure you are doing it properly.

I want you experience positive, delicious and intelligent movement which ultimately improves your experience of life. So if you are after a bespoke Pilates experience, and want to do it properly, Pilates Recipe is for you.

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